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Thermal Imaging

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GENERAL - Thermal Imaging uses a patented Computerized Thermal Imaging camera that detects radiated heat and measures the physiological activity in the body. Theprocedure requires no physical contact or liquids to drink. Biomarkers reveal how efficiently your body emmits radiation and thermal patterns depict tissue, muscle, joint and organ function. High technology without high risk or high price!

Cold Laser Treatment

Low-level laser therapy is the application of infrared light over wounds or injuries to improve healing and relieve both acute and chronic pain. Low-level photonic light therapy uses cold laser light energy to directly “ biostimulate” energy to the cells of the body without injuring or damaging them in any way.


RiverWest Chiropractic Clinic has a unique approach to massage, and demonstates this with a preliminary heat-wrap and massage treatment with every chiropractic appointment. This allows the body to thoroughly relax, stress relieved and ready for adjustment. We also offer private massage appointments from some of the finest, licensed therapists in the city. Our Massage Center is known for its effectful therapies, comfortable surroundings and demonstrated results.

Sports Injury

Dr. Dean Clark has proven his effective approach to healing in helping athletes in every field of sport. With the use of infrared technology, he is able to identify pain and trace it to its origin. Computerized images give the doctor a unique view on what's happening in the body. This can be crucial when it comes to high-level competition. Every athlete is special and has needs that can be relieved with the help of infrared imaging, massage and chiropractic adjustment.

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